Viva Records Studios

The Viva Records Studio, located at 61 Scout Madriñan, Quezon City, is the official, fully equipped recording studio of Viva Records Corporation.
To aid the production of quality music and audio materials, the studio bears two music recording studios, three Automatic Dialogue
Replacement (ADR) studios, and a mixing and mastering studio. Each one houses the latest, top of the line digital equipment.


Studio A and Studio B are used for the sole purpose of audio production for music, commercials, TV, movies, etc. This, by utilizing the latest equipment in the market and maintained by seasoned engineers.

Studio A is home to the state-of- the-art HDX Protools 12 HD digital mixing console, the first of its kind in the Philippines. This is controlled by a MAC Pro work station. The sound room accommodates a noble Kawai Baby Grand Piano, and enough space for an entire band setup, a mini string section, percussions, or any musical setup.

Studio B houses the MC G5 Control 24 Protools 7 HD mixing console, the Digidesign 96 IO audio interface, and a separate sound room.

On deck at Viva Records Studio is a collection of fine microphones for use in vocal and instrumental recordings. This includes the studio workhorse mics, the Neuman U87 and U89.

Automatic Dialogue Replacement (ADR) Studios and the Mixing and Mastering Studio

In addition to the two recording studios, the Viva Records Studio has three ADR studios and a mixing and mastering studio, all containing convenient 49" LCD monitors, each connected to a MAC Mini Mbox Pro work station equipped with Protools 12.

The Viva Records Studio is favored by top artists for its excellent acoustics. All studios are equipped with the latest top of the line equipment ideal for musical and instrumental recordings, vocal dubbing for TV and cinematic mixing and mastering.

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